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EU Rights Clinic



The EU Rights Clinic is a joint initiative of:

uni-kent-logo Kent University in Brussels,

Logo ECAS European Citizen Action Service (ECAS)


The EU Rights clinic is a not-for-profit service. Its mission is problem-solving of difficult cases through collective action and contribution to improvements in European policy and legislation. This might involve:

  • Developing a case file with the necessary evidence for advocacy on behalf of a citizen and writing to a public administration
  • Lodging of legal proceedings before the national courts in collaboration with a local partner or pro bono lawyers’ group.
  • Sending formal complaints to the EU institutions using the procedures for complaints to the European Commission, access to documents, petitions to the European Parliament, requests to the European ombudsman.
  • Grouping together similar cases into a “super” complaint. Such cases may also provide empirical evidence to advocate for changes in policy or legislative framework or enforcement practices.



 The ‘difficult cases” of the EU Rights clinic are identified through:

  • Citizens who contact the EU Rights Clinic with information about their cases provided they need assistance which goes beyond information and advice.
  • National partners from ENRAC


If you are a citizen and you need information or advice, please contact the European Commission Services:


As the service is in its experimental phase, it will be free of charge. At first it will be available in English, French, Italian and Dutch. Other languages will be added gradually.

All enquiries will be treated as strictly personal and confidential unless otherwise requested. 

The way of dealing with your problem may involve different types of assistance depending upon your personal circumstances.

After contacting us, our team will analyse your application and provide you with a first response on the website, our virtual platform.  The timeframe for receiving our answer will depend on the complexity of your request your case


Tip: If none of the above services have helped you to solve your problem, You Are Welcome to Contact Us!